The Centre offers light post-editing as of December
On 1 December 2021, the Centre will add light post-editing (LPE) to its range of added-value services. The purpose of LPE is to provide clients with machine-translated texts that have been revised lightly by language professionals so that the output is comprehensible.

As part of the Translation Centre's Transformation Plan, the CdT focused on increasing the use of technology to achieve operational excellence. In this context, the Centre will deliver a new light post-editing service that benefits from the knowledge acquired so far in neural machine translation and will provide an added value for clients.

The main difference between LPE and the standard translation service is that LPE includes editing, modifying and/or correcting machine translation output when the document's purpose does not require a full quality translation. However, the output must be a comprehensible text in which no critical information has been accidentally omitted, and no wrong information has been added.

While the standard translation service always involves the intervention of two linguists (the four-eye principle), the light post-editing service will be limited to the intervention of a single linguist. The same principle is also valid for the pre-processing, which will be lighter and less time-consuming. There is also no post-formatting task involved in this service.

In addition, the specifications of the service can be summarised as follows:

  • The formats accepted will be the same as for the ordinary translation service.
  • The language combinations supported will be from English to all EU languages and vice versa. Non-EU languages are not envisaged for the time being.
  • The working package will be the same as for full post-editing: it will use the Centre’s Neural Integrated Custom machine translation Engines (NICE), the CdT translation memories as well as the interinstitutional memory (EURAMIS), in addition to IATE and eTranslation.
  • The turnaround time is shorter than the translation service (only the standard priority level is available).

The launch of the light post-editing service is an important step forward for the Centre. By expanding its offer with a new service based on the most advanced neural machine translation technology, it establishes itself once again as a pioneer and point of reference for European institutions and agencies in the translation sector.