CdT went online in Rome and Granada

In March 2020, the Translation Centre reached out to the University of Rome Tor Vergata with a series of webinars on the interrelation between languages and technologies in translation. It also gave an online presentation on the Centre’s workflow in the University of Granada.

The webinar initiative was undertaken in cooperation with the University of Rome Tor Vergata. As part of the bachelor’s degree in “Languages in the information society” (LINFO), second and third-year students attended three webinars provided by the CdT. The webinars also supported the University in continuing its teaching activities in these isolating times.

The Translation Support Department provided practical insights in the first two webinars on the interrelation between languages and technologies in today’s translation industry. It highlighted the skills and competences of professionals involved in the translation supply chain: from the translator to the project manager, the localisation engineer or computational linguist, and others.

The third webinar focused on using translation technologies to support translation processes and emphasised the importance of adopting translation standards to guarantee tools interoperability.

Still in March, two representatives from the Translation Support Department were invited by the University of Granada to give an online presentation on the work of teams in the Workflow Management Section. The presentation was part of the University’s "Professionalisation week".

The Translation Centre is always keen to contribute to learning and sharing initiatives and particularly to support online teaching activities in these solitary times.