The Translation Department is the Translation Centre’s largest department, accounting for more than half of the Centre’s staff. It is made up of three Language Sections and the External Relations and Communication Section.

External Relations and Communication Section

The External Relations and Communication Section liaises with the Centre’s clients to identify their needs and measure satisfaction levels. This is achieved through regular client visits, periodic surveys and client feedback.

In cooperation with clients, the Section arranges training sessions, workshops and presentations for the Centre’s translators in order to broaden their knowledge of the clients’ highly specialised fields of activity and procedures. Similarly, the Section organises presentations to enable clients to further understand the Centre’s role and services.

The Section is also in charge of internal and external communications. It disseminates information and news via the Centre’s intranet, website, social media channels and Client Portal. The Section prepares and coordinates targeted publications, such as the Highlights of the Year report, and a number of brochures and newsletters. It also runs various events to promote multilingualism.

The translators (Language Sections)

Each Language Section is subdivided into translation teams, one for each official language of the EU. The size of each team varies according to the translation workload into each target language. All translators translate into their mother tongue; they have varied academic backgrounds, mostly linguistically-oriented.

Translators are offered training throughout their professional life at the Centre, both in terms of language learning (developing existing language skills and acquiring new languages) and client‑specific activities.

They translate and revise documents as well as trade marks. They also subtitle videos, compile glossaries and contribute to the IATE interinstitutional term base.

As linguists, in-house translators guarantee the language quality of the translations delivered. This is true of both texts translated in-house and texts that are outsourced to specialised external language service providers.

Through its business model based on outsourcing and internal quality control, the Centre has become a reference point for all aspects of the revision process.