How can I apply for a job at the Translation Centre?

In general, the Centre requires qualified staff with specific knowledge and experience for most of its activities, especially in the areas linked to its core business of translation. 
Relevant information can be found under the job offers page on the Centre's website.

Vacancies may be published either internally or externally.

How can I apply for a job as a temporary staff member?

The Centre employs temporary staff on long-term posts to perform tasks of a permanent nature.
The implementing provisions set out in detail all the obligations and responsibilities of the Centre and selection committees as regards selection procedures, whether they are organised with full or limited assistance from the European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO).

Click here for more information on the E-Recruitment online application system​

Can I apply for a job as an official?

Competitions for officials comply with Annex III of the Staff Regulations. 
The Human Resources Section uses the Vade Mecum for Selection Boards and Selection Committees, which provides a summary of all relevant principles and practices and is designed to guide selection boards in their work and decisions. 
The Centre has up to now organised internal competitions either for general profiles or for specific profiles with a view to establishing reserve lists from which the Centre can recruit.
These competitions are only open to staff already working at the Translation Centre.​

How can I apply for a job as contract staff?

The Centre’s policy is to recruit contract staff:

  • to strengthen capacity in support functions for work on projects of limited duration.
  • to replace officials/temporary staff (whether administrators (AD) or assistants (AST)) who are on maternity leave, sick leave, parental or family leave, or who are working part time.