The Corporate Services Department provides administrative and technical support in the areas of human resources (HR), legal affairs and calls for tenders.

Legal and Procurement Section

The Legal and Procurement Section (LPS) handles all the legal issues that may arise in the course of the Translation Centre’s daily operations. It represents the Centre at interinstitutional meetings on matters under its remit and in any litigation cases (e.g. CJEU cases). The LPS is responsible for handling Ombudsman inquiries addressed to the Translation Centre and acts as legal adviser to the Centre's management. The LPS organises the Centre’s procurement procedures. Furthermore, the LPS drafts and manages contractual arrangements between the Centre and its clients, and related contract management (e.g. amendments).  

Finally, the EU Sign team and the anti-fraud correspondent are also part of the Section. 

Human Resources and Staff Support Section

The Human Resources and Staff Support Section develops, coordinates and implements HR policies, and provides advice and guidelines to the Centre’s management and staff on HR matters. Its other main role is linked to the selection, recruitment and career development of staff and trainees (training, skills management, appraisals and promotion). The Section is also in charge of budgetary and financial matters relating to staff expenditure.