Administration Department
  • Finance Group
  • Strategic Planning Section
  • Legal Affairs Section
  • Facilities and Security Section
  • Human Resources Section

The Administration Department provides administrative and technical support in the areas of human resources (HR), budgetary and strategic planning, legal affairs, calls for tenders, accountancy, facilities and security.

Accounting Officer

The Accounting Officer is nominated by the Management Board and is independent in the performance of his duties. The Accounting Officer and his team are responsible for managing revenue, expenditure and accounts in accordance with applicable rules and regulations. The Accounting Officer is in charge of treasury management and invoicing related to the activities of the Centre. To fulfil these tasks, the Accounting Officer cooperates closely with the European Commission, the European Court of Auditors and external auditors.

Budgetary and Strategic Planning Section

The Budgetary and Strategic Planning Section ensures that the Centre’s financial management functions properly and complies with all applicable rules and regulations. It coordinates the establishment and follow-up of the Centre’s budget and maintains close contact with the Centre’s clients to incorporate their budgetary forecasts into the Centre’s revenue budget.

Another important task is the ex ante and ex post verification of financial transactions.

The Section prepares and implements the Centre’s Multi-Annual Strategy and Multi-Annual Work Programmes, and helps to prepare the Annual Activity Report. Furthermore, it coordinates and monitors the implementation of risk management and internal control.

Legal Affairs Section

The Legal Affairs Section handles all legal issues the Translation Centre may face in the course of its operations. It represents the Centre in any cases of litigation.

The Section is responsible for drafting and managing arrangements between the Centre and its clients. It also deals with contractual matters with the Centre’s suppliers and service providers, and acts as legal adviser to the Centre’s management.

To cater for translations in a wide range of fields, the Centre compiles, and continually updates, lists of external language service providers that are specialised in the fields of activity of the Centre’s clients. This is carried out by means of public call for tender procedures organised by the Section.

Facilities and Security Group

The Facilities and Security Group ensures that the Centre’s staff, data, buildings and equipment are adequately protected against any security risks and that health and safety rules are abided by. The Group manages movable and immovable property and is responsible for coordinating business continuity in the rare event of major disruption to the Centre’s operations. In addition, the Group promotes environmentally friendly measures at the Centre and raises staff awareness about waste management.

Human Resources Section

The Human Resources Section develops, coordinates and implements HR policies, and provides advice and guidelines to the Centre’s management and staff on HR matters. In particular, its role is linked to the selection, recruitment and career development of staff and trainees (training, skills management, appraisal and promotion). The Section is also in charge of budgetary and financial matters relating to staff expenditure.