cover of the new brochure Highlights of the year 2022
We have just published our Highlights of the year 2022, after our Director presented them at the Translation Centre’s Management Board meeting on 16 March.

Apart from giving an overview of our key production figures, by client and by service offered, the publication provides an insight into the activities the Centre has been working on with our clients, external language service providers and institutional partners.

There is also a chapter dedicated to quality matters, such as the measures implemented under the biennial Translation Quality Assurance Action Plan, the handling of client feedback, or the outcome of client surveys.

Detailed information about the progress we have made in the areas of machine translation, workflow management and terminology projects is also included.

Finally, in 2022 the Centre put considerable efforts into extending its external outreach activities: we participated in a great variety of conferences and events at interinstitutional, inter-agency and international level; we produced targeted information material about our services, such as leaflets and videos; and we increased our presence on social media. Come and find out more by having a dive into our Highlights!