IATE in the spotlight at the Terminology Summer School (TSS)

The Terminology Summer School (TSS) has been the leading qualification for terminology, language and information professionals for over three decades. Organised by TermNet, the International Network for Terminology, in cooperation with university professors and experts from various countries, the TSS programme offers practice-oriented training and a comprehensive overview of the methods and tools used in terminology management. Every year, the TSS brings together language, terminology and information professionals from all over the world, providing a highly collaborative and enriching environment.

The TSS 2023 edition took place over 5 days, from 17 to 21 July, to discuss and tackle various terminology issues. The event adopted a hybrid format, being held in Naples and online, which enabled the attendance of a broad international public.

On 21 July, the Translation Centre’s IATE tool manager gave an overview of the most recent features of the public version of IATE, showcasing the advancements made to enhance its functionalities:

  • IATE Search Widget

Undeniably, the star of the latest developments is the search widget. This is a tool that can be easily embedded on a website, platform or blog and allows direct IATE searches.

  • Interpreters’ search view

Since the launch of a more accessible and responsive version of IATE in 2018, interpreters have shown growing interest in the tool. Interpreters can now use a special table layout for results, which allows them to easily filter terms by collection or sort them alphabetically by language. As time is of the essence, interpreters can also use a predefined set of working languages and apply quick filtering criteria to get prompt access to terms.

  • Search by collection

EU terminology managers sort terms into thematic collections, which allows users to retrieve more targeted content. For this purpose, a special feature has been created in IATE, whereby all the terms stored in a given collection can be displayed at once, in the desired languages.

  • Features for logged-in users

When accessing IATE, users have the possibility to create an account and log in to use more advanced features. Apart from defining various user preferences, they can enhance their user experience by creating bookmark lists, save and reuse certain queries, or even download larger sets of data using the IATE Download function.

For more information please see:

IATE Interpreters' search (europa.eu)

IATE Search by collections and IATE Download (europa.eu)

The participants were also presented with the upcoming developments, which are based on the outcome of the IATE survey carried out in 2022. The main highlights included a new IATE Online Help and a full revamp of the graphical user interface. The recent adoption of interinstitutional data guidelines endorsing principles like quality, transparent annotation, completeness, data sharing and reusability, and data lifecycle management was also highlighted, together with the efforts of EU terminologists to regularly update and maintain IATE.

This overview aims to allow TSS attendees to have a better understanding of the main features of the public version of IATE and its contents, and to further promote the use of our tool.