The Staff Committee is a statutory committee that represents the interests of the Centre’s staff vis‑à‑vis management and ensures continuous contact between management and staff.

It contributes to the smooth running of the Centre by providing a channel through which staff can voice concerns and opinions. It works at a broader level by defending the staff’s interests as a whole, and at an individual level by helping staff members resolve any problems they may encounter in their daily working life. The Committee is elected by the staff, and is composed of five members and five alternates whose term of office is 3 years. It is mainly responsible for:

  • issuing opinions on administrative and staff-related matters (General Implementing Provisions, Staff Policy Plan, etc.);
  • appointing representatives in selection procedures to recruit new staff;
  • submitting proposals concerning the organisation and operation of the Centre and the improvement of working conditions or general living conditions for staff;
  • taking an active part in discussions concerning staff policy in general through the Assembly of Agency Staff Committees (AASC);
  • participating in the social welfare bodies set up by the Centre for its staff, such as the Interinstitutional Social Activities Committee.