The Translation Centre, like any other EU institution or body, plans its activities on different levels and using different documents. The Multi-Annual Strategy sets out the vision going forward and is articulated in strategic goals, which are further defined in strategic objectives and strategic initiatives, all of which are to be achieved during the reference period. Over this period, the implementation of the Strategy is measured through strategic key performance indicators. The detailed implementation of the Strategy is set out in the Centre’s multi-annual programming documents and Annual Work Programmes (AWP). A summary of the progress made with regard to the Strategy and AWPs is provided in the Centre’s Annual Activity Report. For the financing of the various activities outlined in the Strategy and the Annual Work Programmes, the Centre prepares an Annual Budget, which is adopted by its Management Board together with the programming documents. The Centre’s budget includes information on the forecast revenue and expenditure for a specific year. Finally, every year the Centre presents its annual accounts, which outline the implementation of its budget.

The Centre’s Strategy

As the shared service provider to meet the language needs of the EU agencies and bodies, the Centre actively contributes to the European Commission’s priority of making the EU a union of democratic change. By fulfilling its mandate, the Centre facilitates effective multilingualism in the EU by playing its role, in partnership with its clients, in ensuring access by EU citizens to information in the various official EU languages.

The Centre also continues to fulfil its second mandate to contribute to rationalising the use of resources and harmonising procedures in EU translation through interinstitutional cooperation.

The main focus of the Strategy is to optimise the creation of value for the Centre’s clients while ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Centre.