State-of-the-art computer applications and equipment are essential for the Centre’s day-to-day work. The IT Department comprises the following three Sections: Service Desk, IT Infrastructure and Development.

Development Section

The Development Section designs, creates and maintains IT applications and databases as required for the running of the Centre.

It also manages non-internal IT solutions and services acquired from external providers, such as those supplied by other institutions or private companies, and contributes to researching, integrating and implementing them in the Centre’s IT environment.

Service Desk Section

The Service Desk Section is the single point of contact for both in-house and external users in dealing with all kinds of issues and information requests relating to the various areas of IT: hardware, software, telecommunications and infrastructure. It handles all personal hardware, software and business solutions to provide a consistent and powerful IT architecture at each workstation.

IT Infrastructure Section

The IT Infrastructure Section supplies and maintains the centralised IT infrastructures that enable the Centre to meet its objectives, and ensures that these infrastructures are resilient by means of a Continuity and Recovery Plan. It oversees the availability and security of data relating to the Centre and data provided by clients and partners, and manages the data centres and cloud services that accommodate the storage and processing capacity required for the Centre’s operations. This Section carries out all its activities in close collaboration with the Data Protection Officer, the Security Officer and the Local Informatics Security Officer.