The role of the Translation Centre was officially extended in 1995 by an amendment to the Centre’s Founding Regulation to strengthen interinstitutional cooperation in the field of translation:

  • Firstly, the Centre was allowed to extend its translation and related activities to those EU institutions and bodies that have their own translation service. This type of cooperation is purely voluntary but enables the Centre potentially to absorb surplus work from these institutions.
  • Secondly, the Centre was to have a role in interinstitutional cooperation with a view to rationalising working methods and achieving global economies of scale.

The Centre is therefore a full member of the Interinstitutional Committee for Translation and Interpretation (ICTI), which is the forum for cooperation between the language services of EU institutions and bodies.

The Centre’s representatives regularly meet with colleagues from the translation services of the other institutions to discuss matters of common interest (recruitment, staff exchanges, training, language technology, etc.) and take decisions on joint projects (which include interinstitutional tools such as the IATE terminology database, the eTranslation machine translation system and the Euramis translation memory).