European Commission publishes list of EMT-certified translation schools

The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) published in early June the list of universities and higher education institutions offering translation programmes at Master’s level in line with the standards of the European Master’s in Translation Network. This list comprises more than 80 members in the European Union, Switzerland and Lebanon and is valid until 2024. 

The European Master’s in Translation Network, also known as the EMT Network, is a partnership project between the European Commission and universities and higher education institutions offering translation programmes. Its objective is to facilitate the integration of young translation graduates into the labour market.

Last year, the EMT network adopted a competency framework for the period 2018-2024. Higher education programmes that have met the professional standards set out in this document have been awarded the EMT mark issued by the European Commission.

Five major areas of competence are defined in the EMT framework: language and culture, translation, technology, personal and interpersonal, and service delivery. During EMT-certified Master’s courses, students become aware that the translation profession is multidimensional and involves more than (simply) conveying a message from one language into another. It requires knowing how to deliver a complete translation service. This covers areas as diverse as looking for clients, professional budgeting tips, management of translation workflow, and administration of linguistic and IT resources. Personal and interpersonal skills (commonly referred to as soft skills) such as the ability to work in a team or to meet deadlines are also increasingly being taught and evaluated.

Some of the skills referred to in this reference document illustrate that the translation market has evolved very rapidly. For example, future graduates are now required to know how to post-edit machine translation (MT) output, to be able to assess the relevance of MT systems in a translation workflow, or to know how to use social media responsibly for business purposes. More than at any time previously, the translators of tomorrow will be at a crossroads!


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